New Texas Houston South New Missionary Checklist

  1. Read and become familiar with the Mission Information
  2. Submit the Personal Information Survey
  3. Review Bedding Information
  4. Review Bicycle Policy and order bike from Houston Cycling Center.
  5. Email or mail your current official vehicle driving record. Most driving records can be accessed at the state .gov website. (i.e., google Utah Driving Records)
  6. Email a photo of both the front and back of your current drivers license to
  7. Fill out the Personal Driving Record & My Commitment to Drive (download and complete both documents)  Print, Sign it, and email to
  8. Purchase approved smartphone - please use the following link for additional details.  Mission Smartphone Overview

The list above needs to be completed before you depart to the MTC.  If you have any questions please call the mission offices at 281-565-7117.