Texas Houston South Mission Bicycle Policy

 All ELDERS and SISTERS are required to have a bicycle, bicycle lock (cable & u-style – key locks are preferred) and helmet. They will get much use out of their bikes while they serve the people of Texas. A kickstand is optional, but recommended. Bicycle and accessories must be purchased prior to the missionary’s arrival at the Texas Houston South Mission (THSM).  To order your bike, please call 713-777-5333

  • HOUSTON CYCLING CENTERS: Keeping cost in mind, the THSM has contracted with a local bike shop, Southwest Cyclery, to provide reliable and durable bikes to our missionaries at a bulk price. The bike dealer assembles and tunes the bikes before the missionary arrives. He also provides a free tune up after 90 days, and keeps all parts in stock for quick repairs. Experience has shown that the models selected do well with the rigors (helmet, lock and kickstand) through this dealer. To order your bike, please call 713-777-5333

  • PURCHASING: For Southwest Cyclery, a price list with contact and other pertinent information is found at the links below for your reference and use. Please call the dealer and make the purchase over the phone (by providing a credit card) and then let the THSM vehicle coordinator know of the purchase (281-565-7117). Please be sure that the bike has been ordered at least 2 weeks before the missionary enters the MTC.

  • Bicycle Pricing (Please click the blue link see bicycle pricing options)

  • AVOID ADDITIONAL COSTS: While new or used bikes may be purchased at home and shipped to the THSM, we highly discourage you from doing so. Shipping costs are significant, usually around $100. Additionally, bikes need to be assembled and ready to use before missionaries arrive from the MTC. There is not time for assembly upon their arrival. Accordingly, bikes shipped to the THSM office must be sent to a local bike shop where they can be assembled for a fee—again, not inexpensive. It is often difficult to find parts for bikes shipped from home. Generally, any money saved by purchasing a bike from home is lost in the shipping costs and assembly costs in Texas, and then the hours and costs lost in repairs likewise accumulate.

  • THSM NOT IN THE BIKE BUSINESS: Sorry, the THSM does not coordinate the purchase of used bikes here in the mission office.

  • BIKES LEFT BEHIND UPON DEPARTURE: Upon departure from the mission, all bikes left behind will be considered property of the Texas Houston South Mission after 45 days.

  • QUESTIONS & CONCERNS: We recognize that the cost of bicycle is not insignificant. If purchase of the bike and accessories would be a financial hardship for the missionary or his/her family, we encourage you to counsel with your stake president or bishop about a solution. Please also free to call the THSM vehicle coordinator THSM mission office at 281-565-7117, or email the mission president at 2010569@ldschurch.org with any questions or concerns.