Please provide the information detailed below to the Mission Office as soon as possible. This must be done before you enter the Missionary Training Center in Provo. These documents are required before any missionary will be allowed to drive a mission vehicle. Your effectiveness as a missionary can be greatly reduced if you are unable to drive.

  1. Personal Driving Record (Download
    Please make sure that this form is filled out completely and accurately.  Be sure to sign and date it.
  2. Official State Driving Record
    This must be an official report from your state Department of Motor Vehicles (or equivalent agency for your state). 
  3. Photocopy of Driver’s License
    You must provide a copy of both sides of your current driver’s license.  Be certain that the copy you send is clear and readable.  If your license will expire during the expected term of your mission, renew or extend it NOW.  Doing this once you are in the mission field can be very difficult or even impossible.

Taking care of these tasks can take some time. We strongly suggest you start now.

For your information, approximately 60% of our proselyting areas have automobiles assigned to them. This includes all proselyting areas currently assigned to sister missionaries. Please note that all elders will still need a bicycle because they are used even by those that are assigned to automobiles.

Please review the My Commitment to Drive. You will be required to sign this upon arrival in the mission field before being authorized to drive. You can keep this copy for your information.

Return the required information as soon as possible to or mail them to:

Texas Houston South Mission
602 Eldridge Road
Sugar Land, TX, 77478                                                                                                             
ATTN: Vehicle Coordinator